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Writing by Ear

Writing by Ear: Clarice Lispector and the Aural Novel. University of Toronto Press (forthcoming 2018).

Considering Lispector's literature as a case study and a source of theory, this study presents an aural theory of the novel based on readings of Near to the Wild Heart (1943), The Besieged City (1949), The Passion According to G.H (1964), Agua Viva (1973), The Hour of the Star (1977) and A Breath of Life (1978). The concepts of “Writing by Ear,” the “Aural Novel,” and “Echopetics” try to go beyond the traditional binaries of speech/writing, orality/literacy, activity/passivity, and sound/silence. Writing by Ear is the first book to approach Lispector’s work through the notion of listening in writing. Such a stance has far-reaching implications, especially in Latin America and the Global South; however, it likewise has a impact for texts produced in a wide range of cultural settings and frameworks.